Nanoshop repair was established in 2010 We stand as a leader in providing professional Mobile & laptop repair services. Operating a large network of support managed care centers, to handle: mobile phones, tablets, computer laptops/desktops. Over the years, we worked hard on building a firm client base. One of the main factors which helped us stay in the market is the diversification of our services. While other shops offer one or two repair specialties. Nanoshop has multiple options. We know that people have various gadget brands like Samsung, Apple, Nokia, Google Pixel, and more. We also provide out-of-warranty repair, warranty fulfillment support, and buyback services. We love electronics as Nanoshop repair. Our intensity is to repair electronics and make them work as new. Anything with a power button makes us children again. Electronics have always been appealing for us and we thought why not combine work and fun. Calls us technicians or tech buffoon, it doesn’t matter as long as we can work with electronics that make your days better. Doesn’t matter if it’s a screen a replacement that needs to be fixed or an iPhone charging port that needs replacement, we can do better repairs and we are fast as lightning. As a nanotech, we are armed with a range of skilled and professional experienced engineers, who have worked with all makes of laptops, PCs and mobile phones. We, together believe that there is no better testimony to the true quality than the positive feedback of our convinced customers. We shall aim to maintain our high standards and serve your gadget care needs.

We provide our services to local customers; Nanoshop specializes in its services without alternative all your requirements reach expert hands. Our extensive investment in engineers, accessories and procedures and therefore will definitely provide you the extreme best experience, we are now able to offer our exceptional services all over Canada.

Every customer of ours avails the best from our expertise, combative prices, rapid turnaround, and excellent service altogether with all-inclusive knowledge in this particular specific field. We are armed with the latest distinctive supplies enabling us to diagnose and repair your Products to the importance. You will see the earnestness in our work and magic in our hands.

Our services are comparatively finest and the most fitting in this ground. Only the latest tools and equipment are passed down by our team of fully trained and security-cleared technicians. Complete assurance in our abilities is the name of the game and that’s why nanotech guarantees every repair for 180 days